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patricthomas.com 34 sizePeople don’t care what you do until they know why you do it and without going into a big long story about myself and why I am here, let me cut it short to what’s relevant to you.  I grew up in a woodland and been around trees my whole life, initially working on them with my father, today, the woods apart from my wife and family are probably my greatest passion and pastime.  Any excuse and i’m off to them, me and the dog.


Being a bit of an internet junky, and my love for the outdoors, after helping friends and family with their businesses, the tree industry was a natural niche for me to help tree-surgeons and  other tree professionals out.  Today I help business owners in the tree industry to find new customers online.    I love internet marketing and specialize in search engine optimization and we provide a full range of marketing services for anyone who’s needs our services in the tree business.


I love what I do because simply it gives me the independence and sufficiency to continue doing what I do and allows me contribute to an industry that manages something I am passionate about, our woodlands and trees.

Traffic + Conversion = Revenue

What Does This Mean?

Let me answer it by asking you a question, if someone was to promise you all the traffic (Prospects) and a position 1 placing at the top of the search engine for your main keyword, you would probably be impressed.  I would say I would prefer a high placement on the search engines, but I would be more impressed if I knew that a high percentage of those prospects were being converted from cold prospects into long term customers or clients.  This is what we do well.

What makes us different?

byannemarie1We are experts in the tree industry in helping companies get more clients so they can grow their business and prosper, we know what customers are looking for when they search for information around tree services and we make sure our clients provide that so they get chosen over their competitors.  We only work with this industry and have the track record to prove our success.


I hold myself accountable and make sure my clients get one to one personal attention from me alone and make sure their investment into their business yields them an even bigger return on investment.  That’s my personal goal for all my clients and my own business of course.  If I can’t deliver that, I don’t work with a client unless it can work for the both of us, I guess that’s how I make sure my clients stay with me in the long run.